Mission Systems Division is experienced in establishing comprehensive information technology (IT) governance, providing expert project management services, and assisting in the development and implementation of portfolio management processes and systems.

MSD personnel have provided various services, including:
  • Analysis of ongoing and proposed IT projects
  • Development of programmatic standards
  • Assessment of major projects for compliance, schedule feasibility, and risks
  • Scheduling and conducting Senior Management reviews that evaluated ongoing and proposed IS activities against mission priorities and funding constraints
  • Assistance with obtaining information and populating the customer IT Portfolio
  • Consultation with Project Managers, focusing on: project startup, compliance with standards, requirements processes, and the use of best practices
  • Developing and conducting project management training classes
Providing these services requires a thorough understanding of the customer IT strategic direction and the overall business goals. MSD staff uses their extensive knowledge and experience in project management, system engineering, software engineering, and system integration to perform these critical services. Also, MSD personnel were instrumental in defining, documenting, and institutionalizing the customer’s Project Management Framework (PMF). MSD is recognized as a subject matter expert in these areas, and our personnel have given numerous presentations across the intelligence community.

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