Our machines are used as motors, generators, propulsors, integrated starter/generators, pumps, actuators, magnetic suspensions, magnetic bearings, and energy storage in military, industrial, automotive and commercial applications. Our components are used under water, on surface ships, on land in both stationary and mobile applications, and in aircraft.

Some key developments include:
  • Liquid cooled high speed motors from 2.5 to 5.5 psi shear stress
  • High temperature magnetic bearings systems (>1000ºF)
  • Low speed torque motors at higher shear stress (>3 Nm/lb)
  • High speed record setting flywheels (4,668 mph)
  • Actuators/Electronic pneumatic transducer (EPT)
  • Innovative thermal management systems (WEG, oil, phase change, and thermoelectrics)
Propulsors, Traction Motors & Integrated Starter/Generators Flywheel Systems
Ultra High Speed Motors & Generators Linear Actuators/EPT
Magnetic Suspension
Our emphasis is on machines with demanding requirements, such as high speed, high power density, low noise, high torque density, special packaging requirements, and high temperature environments, to name a few. We look forward to addressing your special machinery needs.

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