Typical power levels for our converters range from several kilowatts, all the way up to several megawatts. Many of the systems that have been built are modular, and can be expanded in power level simply by adding more of the basic power electronics building blocks.

Our power conversion expertise includes technology which is directly applicable to the country’s future alternative energy needs, including motor drives, battery chargers and auxiliary power converters for hybrid- electric vehicle applications, photovoltaic and fuel cell converters, bi-directional DC-DC converters for fuel-cell vehicles, and exportable power converters for hybrid vehicles.

Our designs are focused on meeting the specific needs of the unique and challenging applications of our customers – applications requiring high power density, low noise, special packaging requirements, and high temperature environments, to name a few. We look forward to addressing your special power conversion needs.
Modular Next Generation Integrated Power System (NGIPS)
production battery electric vehicle
  • DC-DC Converters
  • DC-AC Inverters
  • Motor Drives
  • AC-DC Power Factor Correcting Rectifiers
  • Pulse Power Converters

For more information regarding RCT Systems Power Conversion products, please contact info@rct-systems.com.


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