Successful Power System design rests on an intimate knowledge of the components that make up a system and the parameters that drive their size and cost. As a manufacturer of sub-system power conversion components, RCT Systems has the detailed knowledge required to address the system level practical issues and tradeoffs. Our engineers have the theoretical knowledge necessary to perform synthesis, analysis and cost/performance tradeoffs through system simulation using a full set of system simulation tools. As a result of our wide R&D project experience, RCT Systems brings the latest technology to our systems designs.
System design considerations include: component interaction, communication between components, functional partitioning, definition of component and next-level interfaces, system stability, system reliability, thermal management, power quality and EMI. System design includes the work necessary to avoid over specification of the individual elements of the system to ensure the desired system-level performance.

Some examples of our system design capabilities include:
Integrated Fight-Through Power System for the US Navy’s DD(X) program Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle for Special Operations

2MW Rotary Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)

4MW Pulse Power System

Energy Storage Modules for the US Navy’s DDG-51 class ships

For more information regarding RCT Systems Power Systems Design capabilities, please contact info@rct-systems.com.

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